Sheryl Butler

Following the Way

As we begin this new community I would like to share a story given to me by my spiritual director, the Rev. Dr. M.R. Ritley.   I was drawn to M.R. partly because  of her spiritual diversity and experience.  We also had a common experience of working in the technology field in our former lives.  Her spiritual journey began in the Catholic Church, but finding no welcome there she would later find a spiritual home in Sufism and became a Sufi master.  When a conservative spirit took control of the Sufi’s she again found herself  unwelcome.  Finally she was welcomed by the Episcopal Church and ordained a priest in 1995.  She knew many stories which she always shared when we met. This is the first story she shared with me as we began our journey together, which I offer in her memory.   M.R. left this world in 2007 and I still miss her warmth and wisdom and especially her stories.



This is the lesson on following the Way. Remember it.

How do you follow the Way?
Go where you are sent.
Wait till you are shown what to do.
Do it with the whole self.
Remain till you have done what you were sent to do.
Walk away with empty hands.

How much will it cost?

The cost is everything, for all you are and all you have will be asked of you before the journey runs it course.

How will you know your fellow travelers?

Their faces are marked by the scars of love.

No one will ever tell you that the Way is easy: only that it is possible.

No one can tell you if the journey is worthwhile, for your wages are, concealed in the hand of God, and will be shown you only on the last day of eternity.

But whoever chooses to follow the Way will have the joyous company of God’s beloved fools as fellow travelers, and a resting place, at journey’s end, in the Mecca of the heart.

This is the lesson on following the Way. Remember it.


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